Louis Maestrati
ML Research Page,

This is my personal Machine Learning research webpage! I have been studying Maths and Machine Learning and doing research in several domains of ML, including Computer Vision, NLP and Optimization. You can find below my last ML projects and studies experiences.
I recently graduated from ENS Paris Saclay where I followed M.Sc. “Mathematiques Vision et Apprentissage”. You can check my followed classes here


  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Optimization
  • Mathematics


ENS Paris Saclay
2020 - 2021
M.Sc. Mathematics and Computer Science
Université Lille 1
2019 - 2020
M.Sc. Applied Mathematics
graduated with class honor
University of Berkeley
Aug 2018 - Dec 2018
Visiting Student in Engineering and Entrepreneurship
4-month program at Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology
Centrale Lille
2016 - 2020
M.Sc. Machine Learning and Applied Mathematics , Minor: Engineering

Research Experiences

Internships done in ML labs


You can find here reports or publication of my last ML projects
Data-Driven Approach to Encoding and Decoding 3-D Crystal Structures, 2019 arXiv
Jordan Hoffmann , Louis Maestrati , Yoshihide Sawada , Jian Tang , Jean Michel Sellier , Yoshua Bengio
A Neural Network Approach to Quantum Chemistry, Finding the Ground State of Hydrogen Based Systems,
2019, Jean-Michel Sellier , Louis Maestrati ,
CycleCNN: A topological approach to Convolutional Neural Networks,
2021, Louis Maestrati ,
Research project on regularisers for deep learning: generalisation, sparsity and robustness, Oxford Mathematical Institute Internship
2020, Louis Maestrati ,